The Internet Users Contributing Group

You are an IETF RFC user and/or an Internet user and you want to contribute to the IETF without participating to an IETF WG. This page is to explain you how to become an IUCG user and help the Internet work better, in every part of it, and as a whole, with the IETF.
one single port of entry: iucg@ietf.org - The official language is English because it is the IETF language, but you can use every language you want and some others may understand. It will take time but good ideas always blossom.
  you can also just drop a suggestion, a protest, a response to a questionnaire in using the survey system we plan to develop with your help in different languages.
The work is done on the Wiki pages. There is a Monitor by topic (group of) wiki pages (TWP). His/her role is to maintain them from the users inputs and suggestions. Them or anyone can use that pages and make an IETF Draft for information out of them. To become a Monitor, just contact the IUCG.

Frequently asked questions:

We will list here the responses to your questions.


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